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  1. Things Unattempted 0:00
  2. Original Sin 1:40
  3. Our Reason Is Our Law 4:35
  4. Smooth Talker 8:14
  5. Diabolus 11:52
  6. Playing With Fire 15:42
  7. I First Awaked 22:43
  8. Matte Kudasai 23:27
  9. The Tyranny of Heaven 27:15
  10. Earthship 33:18
  11. We Are Galaxies 39:53
  12. Unexpected Stroke 43:57
  13. The Promised Seed 47:33

Conceived as a nostalgic tribute to shared influences from another era, this project was developed quasi-conceptually and composed for album continuity.

Milton's Paradise Lost is reimagined as a narrative of primordial emergence, the loss of wisdom and the aquistion of conscience, power, destruction, and disintegration through cosmic dispersion.

Bill Burley: keys, fakery
Arafat Kazi: drums
Josh Cohen: bass
Koushik Chakrabarty: tabla
Samin Al Sabah: vox

Thank you Arafat, Josh, Samin, and Koushik. You vastly improved the meager early sketches and elevated the music. I learned from each of your unique artistries and am honored by your participation. It wouldn't have happened without you.


composed and mixed 2014-2020

original material ©2020 The Cant
Matte Kudasai ©1981 Belew, Bruford, Fripp, Levin